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Developing a Communication Campaign to Staff about Launching Lucity

Our Facilities department will be launching a staged, Go Live roll-out to our staff through March and April. To help with the change management of work processes and the introduction of the new technology, we are developing a communication campaign to build the hype and allay the concerns. Has anyone done this for their teams, and if so, could you share some examples of what you did?

Robb Dods

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Hi Robb, this is a great idea!

While we haven't done a big campaign like this I would highly encourage it as the system will be successful by as much of demystifying / barrier-reducing you can do. Having users understand the flow of requests so it isn't scary or a "black box" will help with maintenance going forward as well tweaks needed. To that end I have a presentation on our broad Lucity integration I share with new users, also a custom user guide on our mobile workflow, and a template welcome email that includes links to the Lucity youtube channel for relevant user videos i've uploaded those resources here I used icons from 

We also do "refresher" presentations from time to time to remind users of certain functionality, new tools in new versions, and changes to workflows. 

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