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Lucity and Solid Waste


There has been some interest within our Refuse Division (solid waste) about possibly using Lucity to manage some of their programs such as recycling, bulky pick up, violations, etc.  We're currently focusing on implementing the sewer module and want to see if we could expand the application's use to our Refuse folks.

I was hoping to speak with another client who is currently using the Solid Waste module.  Sorry, no all-expense-paid vacation to Hawaii...maybe just a box of chocolates or Kona coffee.



John Pedersen

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Hi John,

We are using Lucity for our Bulk pick ups her at the City of Lakeland (we use the Work Request module to handle this area).  We also use it more comprehensive for other Public Works divisions.  We are looking at expanding our use for Solid Waste to include Front Loader (Commercial) routes as well so I am familiar and done some setup with the Solid Waste module items.  Feel free to contact me next week with further questions, this week is implementation for other software.



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