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Loading BIM data to Lucity

Has anyone experience with capturing building asset information using BIM tools to load into Lucity, either directly or with an interim step, from Revit or other tools?

Robb Dods

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Hi Robb,

Niagara Falls Water Board has surveyed their treatment plants with a MatterPort and are having Arcadis do a pilot program to import that to Autodsk (they're using BIM 360).  We're working to tag assets (their focus is on equipment) in there with links to Lucity so they can launch the Lucity records from the 3D space.  We're also looking to have it go the other way - jump to the asset in the BIM model from a link on the corresponding asset record in Lucity.

We've not ported any data back-and-forth so I can't speak to that, but Lucity has an all-purpose Import & Update utility that can consume data from a number of sources, and that's almost certainly your best bet for importing to Lucity.  If you can show me what data can be dumped from BIM (or accessed direct from the DB) I can let you know if there's any issue pulling that into Lucity.


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