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Updating Sign Inventory Data

We are starting to bid out Sign Replacement for the Town and I am wondering how others are tracking sign replacement within Lucity. I can see in Desktop ( we use v2015) there are spaces for sign replacement and bar codes. Our last sign inventory was 4 years ago so we will most likely be replacing all signs -> when replacing an asset, have people been changing the old sign ID/asset ID to a different name like adding an _r after the ID to indicate retired? or are they simply creating a new sign ID/asset ID? or are they just updating the barcode and leaving everything in place?

I'm open to suggestions and would love to hear what the community has been doing. Thanks.

Adam McClure

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Adam, I have used two fields on all asset classes. The first field notes how the data came into the system (field survey, imagery, as-built, plan set etc... ) the second field indicated the status of the data (planned, built, removed, retired). I would try to assure that relationships with integrated systems are not broken; I NEVER change asset id's or delete data from the database. 

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