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Looking for Admin Procedures

Greetings!  We're a new Lucity site, and we are seeking anyone who's documented procedures for common tasks like adding new users (e.g. including steps in both Security and Workflow Setup), modifying grids, forms, maps, dashboards, and filters.


Ideally we're looking for a simple document that says something like:

1) Use Lucity Security / User & Groups setup to add the person as a new user.

2) Use the same screen to assign them to the appropriate security groups.

3) Then go to the Desktop to Work / Workflow Setup / Employees.

4) Click Add and enter the General information.

5) Go to the Categories tab, and ...


Having screenshots is a bonus, but isn't necessary!


Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sanford Hess

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Jonathan, the 8-minute video is good (we were only told about a 4-hour version before this), but the online help doesn't get into the related steps outside of basic entry (e.g. Workflow Setup).   I'd rather have written steps I can give to someone instead of telling them to watch a video and follow along. 

None of your existing sites has a procedure for this??



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Hey Sanford,

We don't have any documentation exactly like that, but I will put it on my list of things to look at in the future.  I don't know if any of our clients have come up with that specific documentation.

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