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Mapping Pavement Markings?

Is anyone out there using Lucity & GIS to map/inventory pavement markings? We define pavement markings as the special thick paint that is used for:

• Crosswalks
• Stop Bars
• Turn Arrows
• Text on Road

These items are separate from stripping / painting. I’m being asked to setup Lucity and GIS to inventory these and I would like to hear from anyone who has inventoried these before. Thanks!

Matt Stull

Matt Stull Answered

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Hey Matt,

Are you using our Pavement Markings module?

I took a look at that module and it looks like it can handle both line and pavement markings. You would just use the Type field to indicate what kind of markings they were.

When linking that to GIS it is important to know that you can link 2+ feature classes to 1 Lucity module. That means that you could have a line feature class for lane markings and a point feature class for arrows and such.

Let me know if that answers you question.

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