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Web Map Layers Not Loading/Display Mixed Content popup

We encountered an issue where some users web map would not load our Lucity operational layers. When the web map was opened, IE popped up a message asking to "Display Mixed Content?". If you clicked yes, our basemap (service hosted by the county) would load, but not our internal Lucity layers. The web map log indicated an issue with finding cross domain policy files on the server. Once I ran thru the process to install the Security Certificate as outlined in the Document Control setup the "Display Mixed Content" message no longer appears and the web maps will load fine.

This process had already been run for all of our users, so it is possible a recent Windows Update or custom policy change from our IT department could have undone this for us. I at least wanted to post a solution that worked for us in case anyone else encounters this issue.

Tom Audley Answered

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