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Internal Roundtable Discussion Group Meeting

I am going to start a Lucity Roundtable discussion group for our users within our City. We have about 10-15 active Lucity users scattered all over most every department in the city. My goal is for the group to share ideas, discuss problems, and to gain a better understanding of the software overall. I’m sure I am not the first person to do this within their organization. I was wondering if anyone out there had examples of what others are doing, or have some ideas of topics for meetings. Thanks!

Lindsey Brighton

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I have implemented a similar program for our users. We meet quarterly. I send out a proposed agenda about a week or so before the meeting and give everyone an opportunity to add items to it. I make sure we discuss any changes that have been made since the last meeting, proposed new module development, and then the rest of the time is spent troubleshooting, training, or discussing new ideas. It has been very helpful for our team. We have been doing it for about 2 years now.

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Hi Lindsay, I used to be the Lucity Administrator for the City of Chandler before I hired on here at Lucity. While at Chandler I used to have bi-weekly meetings with the department folks that were lead/power users/department admins for Lucity throughout the city. I found the meetings to be informative for the users to bring up new ideas as well as a forum for airing issues they were having. More often than not, someone had a good solution that others were unaware of. So I would say yes, it is a great idea to get more people in the agency involved at all levels. I had a running document of past meeting agendas and issues people were having and we would just keep it rolling. One other thing of note that I thought was especially helpful to the agency was what I called "E-Lucityations" emails I would send out monthly to all use users with tricks and tips. A sort of "did you know?" thing that Lucity does that the average end user might not be aware of, (browse functions, advanced filters, web user customizations, etc.).

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We are trying to do the same thing at DSRSD. Just writing draft of meeting agenda to see if a steering committee would work: (sorry for the formatting...send me an email and I will give you better text)

Why a Lucity steering committee?
Over the last several years, DSRSD has incrementally and significantly expanded the use of Lucity client, web, and data throughout the agency.
In the near term we have opportunities to integrate Lucity throughout the Operations Department. In order to manage these efforts
across Operations, Engineering, and IT we would benefit from having a steering committee to act as oversight on all things Lucity.

What would the charter for this group look like?
Some possible topics:

• Provide overall strategic direction for Lucity software (in conjunction with Senior Management directives)
• Manage Lucity development and maintenance projects
o Priority
o Timing
o Budget (ROI)
o Specifications
o Coordination
o Personnel

o Risks
• Define means to execute/support Strategic Plan Work Plan Items (currently 3 dozen that involve Lucity)
• Review new features in Lucity release that could prove beneficial to our objectives
• Include stakeholders - as appropriate – at all levels of the organzation – in changes to Lucity
• Apply TQI principles to help manage Lucity (standards, communication, etc)

Who would do the actual work to support the committee?
This group would meet on a monthly/quarterly (TBD) basis with an explicit/determined agenda, a sharepoint site for tracking work items and documents,
and optional input from Lucity staff and/or other agencies which use Lucity. Aaron, Don, and Kate would be responsible for the bulk
of the recurring committee/project management work.

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Thank you all for responding. It's nice to hear what others are doing. I will keep you posted on how it goes. We have our first meeting in a couple of weeks.

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