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Outside Contractor Doing CCTV

Our Operations Department is looking to put some significant CCTV work out to bid. Can anyone help them with answers to some questions?

1) Could someone share your bid documents and any instructions or specifics related to the data you provided them or that they provided back to you?

2) Does your contractor have to use Granite/Cues or whatever your CCTV software is.
2) Do you give them your data to load into their truck? If so, what does it contain? I guess they're wondering if it’s just US/DS Manhole or if you’re giving them unique identifiers too.
3) What do they give you back to load into Lucity?


Pam Emmerich
North Tahoe PUD

Pam Emmerich Answered

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We just wrapped up a CCTV contract on our larger interceptors that we were not able to televise with our in-house equipment. I can send you an example of specs. The way that I setup for the Lucity import was to spec that the contractor data be captured in a PACP format that we could import into our CCTV software. That didn't seem to be an issue for any of the bidders. When it was imported into our CCTV software we just followed the usual export/import process into Lucity. We gave the contractor a set of maps and a list of the US/DS manholes. We did have a little clean up work when it was imported into Lucity but it wasn't too time consuming. The contract was for about 80,000 ft of pipe. I think it might be easier for the contractor to have an exported list that they could drop into their CCTV software. I am not sure if you're using the PACP standards for the CCTV work but I think that really helped us with the process.

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