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Capturing details from WOs generated from a PM

I've had an interesting request from one of our employees. He is responsible for completing work orders that are generated from a series of grouped PM schedules. Each grouped PM schedule generates work for several assets. Each work order has him record a variety of information about the asset, somewhat like an inspection, in addition to performing the routine maintenance.

He would like to be able to flag particular assets and have their condition carry over with the work order the next time a WO is generated from the PM.

For example, if he is completing a work order for a hydrant and the hydrant is marked as "needs pumped" on this work order, he would like the next work order to have "needs pumped" be marked as true by default so that he knows ahead of time which assets will require specific extra work.

Does this make sense? Has anyone figured out a good way to do this?

Angelyn Snyder Answered

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Hey Angelyn,

There isn't a way to fill out information on a Work Order and pass it back to the asset. That would have to be an enhancement request. However, There is a way to generate an inspection directly from the work order. Most inspections either have a field or grid in the asset module that displays inspection information. I think that could show what you are talking about.

To generate an inspection you go to the work order and right click on the Work Order asset that is being worked on and select "Create Asset Inspection Record". This resulting inspection is linked to the asset record and the work order asset record. If you are using the web you can do the same thing with the Toolkit button in the Work Order Asset grid.

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