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ADA Compliance

Anyone doing anything related to ADA Compliance, surveys, checklists, inspections, etc on any assets within Lucity?   We are needing to set up and track ADA compliance on our Facility Buildings, Sidewalks, Ramps, Intersections, and Pavement Marking and are trying to determine whether we put all of this (and maintain) it in Lucity or use an alternate source, such as another ESRI tool or something that is proprietary from another source.   Since all of the work orders related to all of these assets are in Lucity, I'd like to stay within Lucity but there is a lot of customization I will need to do and I'm not 100% certain I can accomplish everything being asked for.   The ADA checklists can be quite complex.

Lisa McCall

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As for as compliance goes I think that Lucity should be able to handle your need with a basic Boolean field, I think most relevant asset modules have one already identified as "ADA Complient?" otherwise you would be able to use a custom Boolean.

Checklist I think would end up being a custom inspection form per asset type to determine whether or not an asset is ADA Compliant or not, then once it is, you check your Boolean. 



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