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creating checklist

I have a scheduled daily PM for sewer manhole inspections. The work order consist of 15 manholes, each is visually inspected. In the work order it shows the assets. I also see the tab checklist, but unsure how this would work.  I would like each asset to be able to have a checklist attached to it when pulling it up. Similar to doing a flushing where hydrants are added and each has its own record. I have attached what I currently see on the work order. Can a checklist be designed for certain task?


Joey White

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Hey Joey,

So the answer to your question is yes and no.  

A checklist is designed for each task.  This is done in the Work Flow Setup > Task Setup module.  However, when a task is added to the work order the attached Checklist is loaded into the work order's checklist grid.  All checklists for all tasks added to the work order are added to the same grid.

There isn't a link between the checklist and task or an asset at this point. 

If you would like you can put in your idea as an enhancement request here:


Jonathan Semones 0 votes
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