Migrating to ArcGIS Pro

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  1. To install the ArcGIS Pro Lucity Plugin, install the complete Lucity Desktop product or contact support at Lucity dot com. The file name is LucityArcGISPro.esriAddInX
    • To install Lucity ArcGIS Pro manually without a Lucity Desktop install, obtain the file above and double click the file to install.
  2. Once installed, you should see a new Lucity Ribbon Tab in ArcGIS Pro.
  3. Open ArcGIS Pro. It will most likely require you to login to your organization for licensing.  This will be your ArcGIS Online or Portal account.  You can also use your organization concurrent license, but you will not receive the download option for upgrades to pro.  Establishing a connection to ArcGIS Online or Portal will give you the capability for an interactive upgrade process when Esri releases updates.
    • For those of you who use ArcGIS Online, go to About ArcGIS Pro to setup your license.   
    • Click on Licensing
    • Click on Configure your licensing options
    • Choose Named User License and either ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise
  4. Once complete, you can choose to use ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online
  5. Click on Portals in the dashboard menu
  6. You can add multiple portals to your ArcGIS Pro experience, in the Portals dialog right click on the desired portal and select ‘Set As Active Portal’ to make a portal active by default. While in your project and map views, you can switch between Portals and set as active as well.



Activating Lucity in ArcGIS Pro

  1. Open a project you have saved or create a new project and add your data to the map view.
  2. You will first create a connection to Lucity using the settings in the Administration Group.
  3. Click on settings and go to the edit pro config
  4. Create a new connection. You will be prompted to store the configuration xml in a known location.  You have the option to store this in a network share, so others can use the connection file.
  5. Add the URL to your Lucity Web RESTAPI and Validate.
    • Note: You can add multiple Lucity client connections like Test, Dev, Prod if in separate environments
    • If multiple Lucity clients, you will be prompted when selecting a tool in the Lucity Ribbon Tab to active the targeted Lucity client.
  6. If using Lucity application login, you will be prompted for a Lucity user.
  7. Once logged in, the tools are now active. Please visit our support site for more information on ArcGIS Pro Lucity Tools and how to use them.  For Lucity 2018, go to this location.  http://help.lucity.com/webhelp/latest/gis/index.htm#38688.htm
  8. For enhancement requests for ArcGIS Pro Lucity tool suggestions, please visit Lucity Listens.  https://lucity.uservoice.com

Note: you must have GIS Scheduled Tasks active in Lucity for ArcGIS Pro Lucity tools to function.

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