Installation Preparation - GIS Audit Questionnaire

Ali Tuttle -

Discovery Questionnaire (used during IT Audit/GIS Audit discussion)

<Organization> Discovery Questionnaire


  • Do you own ArcGIS Enterprise?
  • Workgroup or Enterprise Standard or Advanced?
  • Do you have enough Level 2 (allows for edit capability) user licenses for redlining and one user to synchronize Lucity to GIS?
  • Do you have ArcGIS Pro?
  • Do you have ArcGIS Desktop?
  • Do you have an Esri ELA?

GIS System Configuration

  • Do you have ArcGIS Enterprise Deployed?
    • Is it dedicated to a server/s?
  • Is your organization comfortable publishing Map and Feature Services using ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online?
  • Do you secure your GIS services (Map Services, Geometry Service, Feature Services, Geocoding Services, Print Service)?
    • Is your secure services Active Directory or Built-in?
    • Do you authenticate using ArcGIS Token or Web Tier (meaning authenticating on the ArcGIS Web Adaptor server)?
  • Are you utilizing Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online?
    • If Portal for ArcGIS, what is your security method? Built-in, Active Directory or Identity Server Store?
      • If Active Directory, do you have a way to deploy Active Directory externally?
      • If Identity Server Store, do you have external capability for authentication?
      • Is Portal for ArcGIS Federated?
      • Is Portal for ArcGIS dedicated on a server?
    • Does your organization expect the mapping capabilities to work when not on the Organizations Internal domain – including mobile devices on broadband and external internet access?
    • Have you deployed the ArcGIS Web Adaptor or a Reverse Proxy to support remote access?
    • Will External Clients be required to utilize a VPN to access internal map services?
    • Are your servers virtual or stand alone?
    • How many users within your organization do you anticipate directly editing the GIS Database?
    • How many potential users of the Lucity System will be utilizing the web browser map?
    • How many potential users of the Lucity System will be utilizing the mobile device map?
    • Is your Enterprise Geodatabase/s on the same server as ArcGIS Enterprise?
    • Are you serving data from an Enterprise Geodatabase?
    • Is your Enterprise Geodatabase Versioned?
    • Do you have Enterprise Geodatabase Replicas?
    • Is ArcGIS Enterprise hosted in the cloud?
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