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From time to time clients will run into issues with their Database file or Log file getting full.  This typically means that SQL Server has set a limit on how large these files can grow and your files have reached that limit.  While Lucity Support can assist in getting your system back up and running they cannot implement a long-term plan for dealing with database and log file size.

While these types of errors can occur in day to day use they most often occur while upgrading the database to a new version of Lucity.

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Best Practices

The following articles discuss best practices for setting up your system so that you don't run into these errors in the future.  However, there is no perfect formula.  How to set up your system depends on your applications, databases, etc...


Quick fix

This issue is fairly easy to fix, however, the fix is not permanent and the size issues should be dealt with as part of your database maintenance.  To fix this temporarily:

  1. Open SQL Management Studio.
  2. Right-click on the Lucity database and select properties
  3. Click on the files section.                                                                                  filesize1.png
    • You will see the current size of the database in the Initial Size column.
    • You will see the maximum size in the Autogrowth/Maximize column.
  4. Click the ... button next to the appropriate file to open the autogrowth settings.                                                                  filesize2.png
  5. Increase the Maximum File Size as needed.
  6. Click OK.  If this process doesn't work you will need to pursue other ways of dealing with the full database or log file.


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