Installation Preparation - IT Audit Questionnaire

Jonathan Semones -

Discovery Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help Lucity work with an agency's IT group to identify their IT capabilities and needs in regard to setting up Lucity.

<Organization> Discovery Questionnaire

  1. Network
  • What is the status of your network? Windows or Linux?  
  • What are your network connection speeds?
  • Do you have fiber or Ethernet 10/100/1000?
    • If fiber, what areas are serviced?
    • Do you have these mapped in a digital file or in blueprints?
  • What are the firewall speeds?
  • Does your Firewall have VPN capability?
  • Does your Firewall have DMZ capability?
  • Does your Firewall have site-to-site capability?
  • Is your Firewall Stateful?
  • Are you able to do IPSEC or PPTP?
  • What is your incoming bandwidth?
  • What is your outgoing bandwidth?
  • Has your bandwidth spiked to 80% or more in the past 3 months?
  • Are your switches gigabit or higher?
  • Do you have an active directory and domain?
    • How many domains are used in your network? Will the Lucity servers use different domains than the users?
    • Do you have ADFS or an Identity Store like BigIP?
  • Do you have VOIP phones daisy chained for both data and voice connections to laptops/workstations?
    • What are the speed of phones? 100mbit or 1000mbit?
  • Do you use load balancing on your web servers like BigIP F5?

  1. Software
  • Do you have Crystal Reports Enterprise Server?
  • Is your RDBMS hosting other databases and/or applications?     
  • What are the specifications of the user workstations (mainly CPU, RAM)?


  1. Server
  • Are your servers virtual or stand alone?
  • Do the servers reside in the same domain and/or switch?
  • How many CPUs on the database servers?
  • How much RAM is on your database server/s?


  1. Backups
  • What are the backup routines?
  • What is the longevity of the backup?
  • When are the full backups?
  • Is there a secondary failsafe system offsite?


  1. Expected Users
  • How many concurrent Web users do you expect to have?
  • How many concurrent Mobile users do you expect to have?
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