VIDEO: GIS Config - Feature Service Webinar

Jonathan Semones -

This webinar goes over updating your Lucity to GIS configuration to use Feature Services instead of a Map service. It also goes over how edits to feature services can be pushed into Lucity.


Presented By: Allison Tuttle, Eric Daniel, Jonathan Semones


  • GIS Integration
  • Feature Service
  • Map Service
  • Lucity SOE
  • Webmap Editing

There are several questions and answers at the end of the video. Here are two that didn't make it into the video.
Q - If you have one large feature service (75 feature classes), aside from publishing, is performance impacted in pushing the edit to the geodatabase.
A - No this setup should not cause performance issues. In the webinar there was a pause while saving an update, but this was most likely due to the server recaching the geodatabase configuration after I made changes.
Q - What version of ArcGIS for Server do you need?
A - You need ArcGIS for Server 10.2.2 or higher.

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