Adding a New User - Part 2 - Lucity Steps VIDEO:

Jonathan Semones -

Every now and then you need to add a new user into your system.  This article provides a general overview.  Some of the steps link to sections of the helpguide that provide more detailed information.

There are several IT related steps that must be completed as well.  You can find these in Part 1.


Lucity Security

Now that your user is setup with the necessary windows access they need to be added to Lucity.  This is done in the Lucity Security program.

  1. Launch the Lucity Security Program.
  2. Go to Security > Users/Groups Setup.
  3. Add a new User.
  4. Review the groups on the right and their associated permissions.
  5. Assign the new user to the appropriate groups.

Lucity Work Flow Setup

(optional depending on setup)

If you do not own the Work modules or if this user is not an employee that will be added to a work order you can skip this step.  

Now that the user can login to Lucity we need to set them up as an employee in the Work Flow Setup module.

  1. Login to Lucity Web or Desktop.
  2. Go to the Work > Work Flow Setup > Work Employee Setup.
  3. Add a new record.
  4. Fill out the Employee Id and description.
  5. Mark them as Active.
  6. Fill out the Login ID field with the users Lucity login.
  7. Fill out the Email field with their email address.
  8. If the user is a Supervisor or Lead worker mark the appropriate fields.
  9. Fill out other fields as necessary.


You are done.

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