Setting up interdepartmental communication about Lucity

Jonathan Semones -

Every organization benefits from better communication.  One way to increase communication within your organization is to setup internal Lucity user group meetings.

In the following video Lindsey Brighton explains how they setup Lucity Roundtable meetings at the City of Newark.  Below the video find tips for setting up your own internal user meetings.



Setting up your own Internal User Group

Use the following suggestions to help you as you plan out your meetings.

Why - Identify your purpose

  • Improving Data Quality
  • Maintaining use of the system
  • Discovering cross department issues including:
    • Common questions about Lucity
    • Issues with configuration
    • Problems with how department are working together
  • Provide Training:
    • Long formal training sessions aren't for everyone.  Some employees might need this in smaller, more interactive bites.
    • Make sure new employees get all the training that they need.
    • There are often various levels of computer competency within your organization.  Some users might need more repetition.
  • Improve inter-department communication and comradery

Who - Identify your audience

  • Who comes might vary based on the discussion topic
  • You might want schedule separate meetings for 
    • Data Entry Employees
    • Field users
    • Managers
    • Customer Service
  • Note: Some users might be more forthcoming about struggles or problems when their supervisor is not present.

Where/When - Identify the Location and Timing

  • Where? - You want to make sure your target users can get there.
  • When? - Monthly, Quarterly?

Format - Plan out how it will go

  • Bring Food
  • Ask Lucity for some SWAG - We have lots of cool stuff.
  • Informal - To make the most of these meetings you want to encourage interaction.  
    • Allow the users to provide and demo examples of things they are talking about.
    • Write down their ideas on a whiteboard so they can all see them.
  • Use Lucity Resources -
    • Print out a section of a helpguide or ACT manual and highlight a section.
    • Show a Lucity Youtube video.
    • Show them pertinent release notes.

Ensuring Results

  • Set Measurable Goals
    • Departmental
    • Individual
  • Check progress and hold people accountable
  • If needed see if supervisors will incorporate goals into performance reviews
  • Be open to suggestions and change.
  • Find your Lucity Cheerleaders.  These people are excited and will help increase results.
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