GUIDE: Maintenance Zones

Jonathan Semones -

Maintenance zones and Alternate zones allow an organization to track and manage work based on work zones within an organizations coverage area. An organization may break down its boundary by North, South, East, and West Zones depending on an organizations size and scope of work the zones may be much more complicated. Lucity allows you to streamline work assignment based off of these Zones using tools that will allow certain defaults to be populated on to work orders and work requests based off the zones themselves. This course will cover how to set up maintenance and alternate zones in Lucity as well as GIS, how to populate work zones onto assets within Lucity, set up a work flow process for getting the work zones populated onto work orders and requests, as well as determining how to best leverage work order defaults using Maintenance Zones as a starting point.

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Additional Considerations when populating work zones based on location  


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