ACT 2016 Documents

Jonathan Semones -

The following training documents were developed for ACT 2016.  The material is up to date for Lucity versions 2016 and 2016r2.


Lucity Admin - Presentation Slides
Lucity in the Cloud - Presentation Slides
Security and Risks - Presentation Slides

Crystal Reports + Lucity

Table of Contents for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Beginner Crystal
Intermediate Crystal
Advanced Crystal
Crystal Reports for Web


Lucity Bootcamp
Maintenance Zones
Water Flushing 
Basic Functionality - Desktop
Water Flushing Routes
Lucity REST API - Presentation Slides 


    ArcGIS Online with Lucity
    ArcGIS Pro with Lucity   
    ArcGIS Server and Geodatabase Administration for 10.4.1
    Advanced Lucity GIS: Working with Feature Services
    Dashboard Map
    GIS Admin for Web and Mobile Maps
    GIS Analyst Tools for ArcGIS Desktop
    GIS Editing Tools for ArcGIS Desktop
    Lucity Geodatabase Configuration Tool
    Lucity Spatial Overview
    Web and Mobile Mapping WO and Requests
    What's New in Lucity GIS for 2016 & 2016r2


Implementation Success - Presentation Slides 
Wellness Checks - Presentation Slides
Turnkey Dataset - Presentation Slides


    Lucity Warehouse app
    Mobile Intensive - Presentation Slides (offline portion)

Web Applications

    Lucity Webmap Overview 
    Moving to Lucity Web
    Web End User Training


    Parts Warehousing
    PM Beginner
    PM Advanced
    Work Flow Setup
    Work Orders and Requests



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