FAQs on Lucity Support Center Use

Ali Tuttle -

My ticket status is showing solved or closed but I want to re-visit the issue. What do I do?

Good question! The Lucity Support Team is committed to resolving your technical issues in an effective, efficient and friendly manner. In order to enable us to do that the best we know how, we sometimes go ahead and set a ticket to “solved” when we are waiting on information from the client before we can proceed with our troubleshooting and we haven’t heard from them for a while. But fear not! You can always go back to a ticket and either re-open it (if it is still in the “solved” state) or create a follow up ticket/issue that is linked to the original one and we can continue on the path of resolving your issue when you are ready to work on it again.

How do I create a follow up if the ticket is closed?

In both situations (solved or closed status) you simply need to reply to your last ticket email and it will open the ticket again or create a new follow up ticket that is linked to the original one. Or you can log into your Lucity Support Center account, go to the list of your requests, choose the one you want to work on and respond to it right within there.

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