Lucity Security - Training Guide

Jonathan Semones -

The Lucity Security program allows the system administrator to define group and individual permissions to use certain functions within the Lucity suite.

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Permissions Setup Add a New Group 
Groups Tab Edit User 
Users Tab Delete User 
Assigning Permissions to Groups Delete Group 
Removing Permissions from Groups or Users  Associaet Users and Groups 
Denying vs. Remove  Disassociate Users and Groups 
Users/Groups Setup  Reset Passwords 
Copy Users User Import 
Add New Users Import Process 
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    John Rickey

    is it possible to set up an administrator that can only add,assign to a group, manage passwords of users without having the ability to mess with any of the other security program?

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    Jonathan Semones

    Hey John,

    That is currently not possible. Of our 3 admin roles the Lucity Security Admin has full access to the Security program (except it has no power of Lucity IT Admins).  The Lucity IT Admin has full access to the security program, but can only affect its own permissions. We do not have a permission or role that allows somebody to access User/Group setup but not Permissions setup. This sounds like a good idea for an enhancement though