VIDEO: Trying Out Lucity Mobile Work for Android

Andrea Fowles -

Detailed walkthrough showing the process of trying out the Lucity Mobile Work application for Android smartphones. Anyone with access to a mobile Android or iOS device can “try out” all of Lucity’s mobile applications on their own devices. The Mobile Work for Android application shown here is a simple interface to allow users Work Order, Document Server, and GIS access in the field from any Android smartphone or tablet.

Presented by: Andrea Fowles, Lucity Account Executive (

Lucity Mobile Work, Version 1.4

-Downloading Lucity Mobile applications from Google play
-Requesting credentials
-Trying out the application with Lucity demo data
-Activating a new device with an activation code
-Mobile work functionality
-Viewing work order filtersets
-Viewing your own work order filters
-Work order record information
-Creating a new work order record
-Updating an existing work order, adding tasks, start & end dates
-Required fields
-Saving a work order
-Viewing work order locations in Mobile Work GIS map
-Adding an asset to a work order from the map
-Uploading a picture or video, downloading documents from server
-Adding work order resource information: employees, hours, equipment use & hours, materials
-Return to last work order
-Customizing viewable work order fields
-Customizing viewable work order modules
-About information
-Log information
-Mobile Work help:

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