Report Trouble Shooting

Barbara Pinkston -

1. If there is an error when running a report with a filter:

    • Make sure it can run with All Records first.
    • If it runs with All Records then run with This Record Only.
    • If these both work then the issue is the filter being passed to the report from Lucity.

a. Check to make sure all the tables in the filter are present in the main body of the report. If the table is only present in a subreport then the filter being sent from Lucity to the report can’t find the table and won’t run the report. Add the table to the main report and link (always link). This will allow the report to run.

                        Remember: The Lucity filter does not filter records in subreports.

b. Remove the filter and add it back one piece at a time.

 2. Lucity may allow a “%” for wildcard but Crystal does not like this. Use the “*” for the wildcard.

3. Date fields can be problematic. Our date fields tend to be a datetime field with only the date portion being valid. The time fields are also a datetime field where the time portion is the valid part. If these fields are to be used in any way outside of just dropping it in a report and possibly formatting it then the “cleanest” method to handle the field is by creating a formula extracting the required portion. Such as:

For a date field


For a time field


 Then use the formula in record selection or in other formulas.

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