VIDEO: What's New in Lucity 2015

Andrea Fowles -

Andrea Fowles, Lucity Account Executive (, presents What’s New with Lucity’s 2015 release. These are some of the major changes to the Lucity software that were introduced with the 2015 release. More information about the 2015 release can be found here:


Version 2015

-System requirement changes: Lucity Mobile Offline, Access databases, ArcGis 10.3, Mobile Manager/Mobile Desktop, Lucity Field, old Lucity GIS Viewer
-URL support in dashboard frames
-Beta dashboard: embedded websites, SSRS reports
-Reports in the web: uploading from web, multiple parameters supported, ability to update custom reports, non-editable canned reports
-Timesheets: submit button, submittal process
-Lucity help links: e-mail server logs, send data statistics to Lucity, help portal search
-Work flow category setup options: requires asset to close work order, requires employee time to close work order, request work order creation shows templates
-General option: fleet travel log mile-hour entry
-Fleet ID lookup
-Fleet travel log mile-hour entry and calculation
-Equipment ID lookup
-Equipment asset hierarchy tree code and text display
-Equipment parts available as materials in resource entry on Work Orders
-Parts warehousing/inventory control in web: parts, part warehouses, transactions, etc.
-GIS Web: trace options, sewer line traces, storm line traces, valve isolation trace for water
-Inventory modules: comments grid, carry over to work order option, maintenance zone, alternate zone, inspection frequency and units, at least 40 custom user fields
-Form tooltips
-Inspection modules: inspection time, needs repair to automatically generate work order on save, updating asset attributes, at least 40 custom user fields
-Work Order modules: automatically created from inspection based on needs repair, maintenance zone, alternate zone, inspected by, received by, created by
-Administration tools: maintenance and alternate (work) zone setup with GIS based on services/layers, shared tabs assigned with one click, cache clearing streamlined
-Additional admin tools links to background tasks, view email request log, client maintenance

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