VIDEO: Using Live Work Orders

Andrea Fowles -

Andrea Fowles, Lucity Account Executive ( goes over setting up and using Live Work Order layers (or Live Request layers) using the GIS Spatial Indexer in Lucity.

- Diagram of processing of live work order information
- Setting up the Asset and Address configuration for locations
- Lucity Scheduler service running the GIS Spatial Indexer process
- Creating a live work order or live request layer in ArcMap
- Filtering live work order data and options for layer
- Symbology of locations (Assets, X/Y, Addresses)
- Publishing as a service for live work orders in GIS Web
- Viewing live work orders in GIS Web
- Creaing a new work order for display in live work order layer
- Viewing work order location information in GIS Web

Lucity Version 2015
GIS Spatial Indexer Setup:

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    Matt Stull

    Is this only available with the 2015 version?

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    Andrea Fowles

    The GIS Spatial Indexer was first available in 2014 for producing these Live Work Order/Live Request layers.

    We had a "Live Data" tool that this GIS Spatial Indexer replaced, and was only available pre-2015 release. If you are on 2014 or above, you'll want to use this GIS Spatial Indexer to create these layers.

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    Matt Stull

    Ok, thanks!