VIDEO: Introduction to Crystal Reports in Lucity

Andrea Fowles -

A brief introduction to modifying Lucity default Crystal Reports, presented by Barbara Pinkston, Lucity Crystal Reports Writer ( For additional training, register for the Lucity Crystal Reports Training classes, going on from March 30 – April 2, 2015. More information here:, register here:

-Version requirements for creating/modifying reports
-Detail vs. summary reports
-Finding location of Lucity report files
-Custom vs. default reports
-Exporting a report from Lucity for editing
-Saving the report and locations of reports
-Previewing an exported report with data included
-Removing data included with report
-Saving as standard report for editing
-Updating existing report fields
-Customizing headers and text objects
-Different sections within a report
-How to look up various Lucity field and table locations, field properties
-Field explorer for bringing in new data
-Requirements for running filters on a report
-Displaying already included fields, removing fields, adding additional fields
-Positioning fields with rulers, markers to resize and align, formatting how fields are displayed
-Default settings and options for reports
-Saving changes to report
-Adding report to Lucity
-Running report from Lucity
-Summary report changes
-Removing, adding, dividing, and rearranging report sections

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