Data Collection Policy (v2.0)

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Lucity Data Collection Program

The Lucity Data Collection Program is an optional feature built into several of our installers, our database conversion utility and a batch service that allows you to share information about the system(s) on which our applications are installed as well as application usage data. We then analyze this data to make development and support decisions. We take your privacy very seriously and our policy is very simple – we will not share your data outside of our company. Ever.

What data would I be sharing?

Lucity versions 7.60 - 2014r2 and higher:

There are two types of processes currently configured to share data if you choose to do so – web installers and Client Maintenance (our database conversion utility). The following information is submitted by the web installers:

  • Lucity Application Name (e.g. – Lucity Web, Lucity Mobile Server, etc.)
  • Lucity Application Version (e.g. – 7.60)
  • Operating System Version

Client Maintenance also shares the information above, and adds the following:

  • Database Version and Edition
  • Lucity Client ID (this ID is used when generating your LicenseCodes.xml file and stored in your Lucity User database)
  • Lucity Client Name (this is the friendly name you’ve given your dataset(s), for example, "Town of Happyville")

The public IP address that the submission comes from, which is typically an organization’s firewall or proxy server, is also logged as part of the submission. This is the same address that is shared when browsing any webpage.

Lucity versions 2015 and higher:

In addition to the data listed above, we are also collecting:

  • Record counts from some module tables
  • Configured values from all XXOPTIONS tables
  • All values from the SYSTEMSETTINGS table with the exception of "License Code" and "SMTP Encrypted Password". For settings that might expose internal hostnames or URLs, we simply log the setting as "in use" rather than storing the actual setting value.

Lucity versions 2015r2 SP1 and higher:

  • Record count from USER_INFO table

Lucity versions 2016 and higher:

  • Mobile device model, mobile OS version and Lucity mobile app version

Why are you collecting this data?

We strive to keep our applications current with the latest technologies. These newer development tools often require a more recent operating system version or database version. However, we also want to strike a balance with our customer’s existing computing environments. Sharing your operating system and database versions allows us to make informed decisions about transitioning our products towards more recent platforms.

From a customer support perspective, we are interested in your baseline client information so that we may proactively notify you of any known critical issues with the version of Lucity that you are running.

We use record counts to determine where modules are actively used. In some cases, we may use the module count information to determine which clients we should contact to discuss possible enhancements we are considering for individual modules. Options and system settings help us determine collectively how all our clients are using the software and helps us make decisions about enhancements, bug fixes, and documentation improvements.

How do you collect this data?

When you run one of our installers or Client Maintenance and haven’t opted out of data sharing, a call is made to an external web service right before the process exits. The data is then posted to a secure database that we maintain. In addition, beginning with Lucity version 2015, a batch service collects module counts and system settings data once a month and submits the data to this same database. Access to this database is limited to key Lucity personnel. Summary reports may be provided to internal Lucity staff to aid in support and development decisions.

How do I opt out?

While this data is very beneficial to our development and support efforts, we certainly respect your right not to participate. Simply uncheck the option in our installers or Client Maintenance and no data will be shared with Lucity. Please note: unchecking this option in Client Maintenance will also opt you out of the monthly data collection performed by the batch service.

If you have any additional questions about the Lucity Data Collection Program, please contact our support staff.

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