Validating your Lucity GIS Lately

Jonathan Semones -

Have you lost connections to your Lucity GIS?  Why is my data not updating?  What has changed with Lucity data types versus the GIS data types?  Are there any linkage problems between Lucity and the Geodatabase?

Lucity offers a validation tool to check for any problems with the links between Lucity and the Geodatabase.  It is a good practice to check this after each upgrade or migration.  That way, you can ensure your data linkages are correct, data types are compatible and Lucity is configured correctly with the GIS.

In ArcCatalog and within the Geodatabase Configuration Tool, you can validate your GIS data linkages to Lucity.

Right Click on the GIS connection ‘aka Default’ and select Validate Workspace.

If your version isn’t available or the GIS connection parameters have changed, you will receive information about this error.


Suggestions are displayed in Light Gray, Warnings in Orange and Errors in Red.  Errors need to be fixed before proceeding. 

For more information about Validating, please click here

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