GUIDE: Sewer and Storm TV Imports

Jonathan Semones -

The Lucity Import Tool is used to import data into most Lucity modules from either an ASCII file or ODBC compliant database. Note that this tool (LucityImport.exe) replaces the previous EFImport.exe and PTImport.exe. It uses all of the same database tables and contains all of the same functionality as the previous tools.  In addition, we’ll discuss the Sewer TV Import program, used to import external TV observation data from outside vendors and integrate it with your Sewer inventory and inspection modules. We’ll also go over the existing Sewer and Storm import programs used to import data from scratch or by using a predefined import.

ACT 2013 - Download PDF


Lucity General Import Outside Vendors Supported by Lucity
Import from ODBC Database or ASCII File PACP Importing
Saved Settings Sewer and Storm Import
Field Mappings Importing from Scratch
Import Assigning Formulated Values
Sewer TV Import Program Using Pre-Defined Imports
Basic TV Import Process  


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