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Jonathan Semones -

The Work PM/Template module allows you to create Work Order Templates and scheduled Preventative Maintenance jobs (PMs). All information entered in this module will be carried over to work orders whether you are creating a WO template or a PM. That’s why so much of the information in this module is exactly like the information that you enter in the Work Orders module. This even includes the data stored in the grids. The PM and Template are very similar to one another; the main
difference is that one has a set schedule and the other can be used to generate a work order on demand by the user.

  • PMs generate Work Orders automatically based on a schedule you define. They’re useful for any regular job to be done on a routine basis.
  • Work Order Templates don’t generate Work Orders based on a schedule. Instead, they allow you to generate work orders quickly, whenever you wish. This is useful when you have regular activities that require complex entry of resource details, as most of the data in the template is pre-entered.

To help you create a preventative maintenance program, we’ll go through several step-by-step examples. In the following pages, we’ll walk you through three distinct types of PMs: One for a street sweep on a series of pavements, one for a bi-annual sewer pipe cleaning, and a group of PMs for a single fleet asset.

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Creating a Street Sweeping PM Creating a Fleet PM B
Checkboxes Scheduling your Fleet PM B
Adding Street Assets Associating PM B with PM A
Adding Checklist Items Creating a Fleet PM C
Adding Tasks/Resources Scheduling your Fleet PM C
Scheduling your Street PM Associating PM C with PM A and PM B
Work Order Generation Work Order Generation
Creating a Sewer Pipe Cleaning PM PM A
Adding Sewer Assets PM B
Scheduling your Sewer PM PM C
Work Order Generation Creating a Work Template
Creating a Fleet PM A Using Work Templates
Scheduling your Fleet PM A  

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