Lucity Webmap GUIDE:

Jonathan Semones -

The Lucity Web Map provides a way for users to see and work with their asset and work data.  This allows them to see relationships between objects and plan work accordingly. The web map is made up of a map display that has two toolbars and a navigation wheel. This guide will go through the various tools, and how to use them. 

ACT 2019 - Download PDF


Launching the Web Map Design Mode
Map Management Toolbar Selection Tool
Table of Contents Selection Toolbar
Swap Basemap Data Grid
Swap Web Map Data Table
Swap Lucity Map or Basemap Lucity Module View
Analyst Toolbar View Relationships
Point Location Tool Manage Documents
Find Tool Manage Subsets
Address Lat/Long Create Inspections
Asset Create Requests
Attribute Query Create Work Orders
Module Spatial Data Create PM/Templates
Trace Tool Attach to Work Order
Load Subsets Attach to PM/Templates


Older Versions

ACT 2018 - Download PDF


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