GUIDE: Lucity Geodatabase Configuration Tool

Jonathan Semones -

Covers the Lucity Geodatabase Configuration tool. Also covers the synchronization setup, synchronization process and database connection.

ACT 2019 - Download PDF


Geodatabase Configuration Number Generator
Connection Properties Scheduled Tasks
Enterprise Geodatabase Connection Properties Copying a Scheduled Task
Edit Map Service Validate a Scheduled Task
Version Setup Manually Run a Scheduled Task
Feature Class Configuration Tools
Feature Class Information Tab Geodatabase Context Menu Tools
General Form Information Add a Feature Class Configuration
Feature Class Fields (Not linked to Lucity) Import Feature Classes from Schema
Edit Map Service Tab Delete Multiple Feature Classes
Alias Names Tab Import Feature Class Alias Names
Parent Record Linking Tab Set “Update Length/Area” Flag to True
Logical Network Tab Update Feature Class Services
Associated Workspaces Tab Feature Class Schema Tools
Feature Class Fields Grid Domain Tools
Color Coding Domain Configuration
Lucity Code/Type fields Update Parent Linking Domains
Composite Date fields Update Street Name Domains
X/Y fields Update Work Category Domain
Composite Address fields Update MUTCD and Tree Category Domains
Spatial Relationships Validation Tools


Older Versions

ACT 2018 - Download PDF

ACT 2017 - Download PDF

ACT 2016 - Download PDF

ACT 2014 - Download PDF

ACT 2013Download PDF


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