Finding Data - Desktop and Web Basics GUIDE:

Jonathan Semones -

In this workbook, we’ll show you how easy it is to retrieve data from the Lucity desktop and web products. We’ll demonstrate how to use Filters and Queries in the desktop and the web, find records, select data, and export into various formats. We will also cover helpful tools, like loading subsets or viewing relationships. This should help new users easily find the data they are looking for as well as provide existing users with a quick refresher course.

ACT 2015 - Download PDF


Desktop Filtering and Sorting in Views and Grids
Filters, Locate and Browse Loading Filters
Loading and Defaulting Filters Grid Filters & Sorting
Locate Creating and Loading Subsets
Browse Property Viewer
Advanced Queries and Reports Filtering and Exporting
Advanced Queries Filters with Reserved Words
Reports Sharing Views
Export a Report Exporting Data
Web Web Reports




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