GUIDE: Beginning Crystal

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The first of a four-part series, this workbook is designed for new Crystal Reports® users. You’ll learn how to make small modifications to an existing report under a new report name, and link your customized report into Lucity.

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Book 1 - Topics

Getting Started Formatting Fields
Finding the Report Location and Name General Formatting
Renaming Reports Number Formatting
Exporting a Report Copying Formatting
Options Alignment of Fields
Report Options Using Formulas
Document Properties Date and Time Fields
Report Sections Documentation Comments
Modifying a Report Inserting Lines and Boxes
Modifying a Report “Growing” Fields
Saving and Viewing your Report Report Manipulation
Field Types Removing Parameters
Changing Text in Text Objects Inserting an Agency Logo
Field Sizing Adding a Report to the Module
Deleting a Field Accessing Reports in Lucity
Field Movement Datasource
Add a Text Object Set Datasource Location
Adding Fields Converting Desktop Reports to use in the Web
Special Fields  
Copying Fields  

Book 2 - Topics

 Section Options Static Selections
 Section Expert Dynamic Selections
 Formatting Multiple Columns Using the Selection Parameter
 Additional Options Dynamic Cascading Prompts
 Parameters Parameter Date Formatting for Entry
 Date Sorting
 Record Selection with Parameters Interactive Sorting
 Adding Parameters to the Report Title Grouping
 Formula Option Summaries
 Text Object Option Running Totals
Secured Fields (Main Body of Report) Work Order Reports
Field Viewing Options Importance of Grouping
Field to Show Blank Importance of Running Totals
Field to show “Hidden” Concatenate Fields
Logged in User ID and Employee Code – Web Only Address Formula
Static and Dynamic Selections  


Book 1 - Older versions

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Book 2 - Older versions

ACT 2018 - Download PDF

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