Adding a New User - Part 1 - IT Steps

Jonathan Semones -

Every now and then you need to add a new user into your system.  This article provides a general overview.  Some of the steps link to sections of the helpguide that provide more detailed information.

Client Maintenance

(optional depending on setup)

When setting up your environment in Client Maintenance there was an opportunity to improve security by selecting a Network Active Directory Group.  All Lucity users windows login must be in that Active Directory Group.

To find out what active directory group was selected you will need to run client maintenance (Note: This requires system administration credentials for SQL Server)

  1. Launch Client Maintenance.
  2. Login.
  3. Click on the User tab.
  4. Look in the Active Directory Group for Gateway field.  Your new users must have their windows login added to that group.  
    • Note: If you disabled this level of security the field will not appear.

Folder permissions

Your user will also need access to the network share that Lucity Desktop uses to connect to Lucity Server.  This can be found in the Lucity Administration Tool.

  1. Launch the Lucity Administration tool.
  2. Login.
  3. Select System > Settings.
  4. Go to the Settings with custom interface tab.
  5. The path to config folder is stored in the Configuration Directory setting.
  6. Your new user must have access permission to both the config location and the share being used as part of that path.
    • The user must have Read, Write, and Modify permission to the Config folder.
    • The user must have Change and Read permission to the share.

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