GUIDE: Parts Warehousing

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The Parts modules allow your agency to keep track the locations, quantities, costs, vendors, and purchase orders, of all the parts that they use. These modules can be integrated with the Work modules to show where and how the parts are being used in relation to your agency’s work. Finally Lucity has software to collect inventory information using barcoding devices.

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Parts Warehousing in the Web Purchase Orders Tab
Web Warehouses & Warehouse Locations Parts Purchase Orders
Location Tab Parts Purchase Order Grid
Security Tab Parts Tab
Parts Inventory Receipts Tab
Parts Transactions
LIFO, FIFO, and Cost Averaging Integrating Parts with Work Orders
Inventory Tab Parts Dispersal Scenarios
Vendor Tab Parts Dispersal Scenario 1 - Default Location = N & Force Mobile = N
Part History Tab Parts Dispersal Scenario 2 - Default Location = Y & Force Mobile = N
Transaction Tab Parts Dispersal Scenario 3 - Default Location = N & Force Mobile = Y
On Order Tab Parts Dispersal Scenario 4 - Default Location = Y & Force Mobile = Y
Hazard Codes Tab Other Options
WO Tab Prevent Negative Part Quantities
Material Cat Tab Make Vendor Part Number the Default for Part Lookup
Fluid Cat Tab Comma Delimited list of UserIDs that should not trigger dispersal or return notifications
Toolkits Email address to send dispersal/return notifications
Vendors Use Parts Warehouse Security
Vendor Parts Tab Use Part Open Inventory Date Range

Older Versions

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