GUIDE: What's New in Lucity GIS

Jonathan Semones -

Introduces users to new GIS features added between ACT 2018 and ACT 2019

ACT 2019 - Download PDF


General Changes 2017 ArcGIS Pro Changes 2017r2
General Changes 2017r2 Lucity Spatial 2017
ArcMap Changes 2017 Lucity Spatial 2017r2
ArcMap Changes 2017r2 Lucity Admin tool 2017r2
ArcCatalog Changes 2017 Lucity Web Map Changes 2017
ArcCatalog Changes 2017r2 Lucity Web Map Changes 2017r2
ArcGIS Pro Changes 2017  


Older Versions

ACT 2018 - Download PDF

ACT 2017 - Download PDF

ACT 2016 - Download PDF

ACT 2015 - Download PDF

ACT 2014 - Download PDF, Slides

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