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In this booklet, we’ll introduce you to the Lucity Web application. The Web system allows you to utilize customized views, forms, grids, and menus. You’ll use the forms to view, add, and edit data.  In addition, the web application has a dashboard feature that makes organizing and retrieving data quickly and easily.

ACT 2016 - Download PDF


Menus Using the Toolbar Buttons
Dashboards Column Filter
Modules Menu Column Sorting
Lucity Web Definitions How to Sort a Column
Custom Views, Grids, and Forms Filters
Sample Hydrant Inventory View Standard Filters
Using the View Advanced Filters
Using the Grids Reports
Using the Forms Create Work Order
Custom Menu Property Viewer
Favorites How to View Related Records
Open Views Launch Desktop Records
User Controls Document Control
Using the Fields Toolkit
Field Types Export Current View
Field Properties Preferences
Field Instructions  

Older Versions

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ACT 2013Download PDF

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