Moving to Lucity Web GUIDE:

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This booklet is designed to help users effectively move from the Lucity Desktop to the Lucity Web features. It will cover how the dashboard works, how the web grids and forms work, setting up security and some of the processes that you should think about when moving groups of users over to the web.

ACT 2017 - Download PDF


Moving to Lucity Web

Understanding the Dashboard Applying Templates to Users
Dashboard Tabs Applying Batch Templates
Dashboard Frames Setting up Shared Tabs
Creating Custom Dashboard Pages Creating Shared Tabs
Add User Assigning Shared Tabs
Add a Dashboard View Security Settings
Add Frame Dashboard
Add Data drill Web Forms
Setting Up Templates  

Web Applications - End User Training

Lucity Web Definitions Reports
Using Custom Forms and Grids Launch Desktop Records
Sample Work Order View Document Control
Using the View Editable Grids
Using the Grids Toolkit
Using the Forms Create Work Order
Using the Toolbar Buttons Export Current View
Column Filter Property Viewer Button
Filters Form Buttons

Web Applications - View, Grid & Form Setup

Administrative User Interface Selecting Column Properties
Creating Custom Forms Form Preview
Simple View with Grid Viewing Fields on the Form
Importing Views/Forms/Grids Locating Field Position on the Form
View/Form Manager Changing Screen Sizes
Assigning Groups to Forms Deleting Fields on the Form
Menus Saving an Edited Form
Create New Menu Group Form Details
Assigning Forms to Menu Group Form Design
View Builder Adding Fields to the Form
Grid Manager Adding Special Items
Defining General Grid Information Form Options
Adding Columns  


Past Versions

ACT 2016 - Download PDF

ACT 2015 - Download PDF


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