GUIDE: Lucity GIS Admin Tools

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This manual covers the tools necessary to properly configure Lucity to work with your GIS environment. There is information about the synchronization setup, synchronization process and database connection.

ACT 2015 - Download PDF


Lucity Administration Tool ArcGIS Server
GIS Connection Strings Install the Lucity SOE
GIS Map Services Enable the Lucity SOE for a Map Service
System Settings Configure SOE settings in Lucity
GIS Edit Integration Tab Specify Edit Map Service URL
GIS Desktop Tab Configure GIS Edit Integration settings
General Tab Lucity Spatial
Lucity Desktop Assign default map services
Show in Map Configuration (Single User) Configure System Settings
Show in Map Function Generating Live Work Layers
ArcCatalog Publishing Live Work Layers
Lucity Show in Map Configuration Tool GIS Updates via Feature Service
Lucity Geodatabase Configuration Tool Create Feature Service 
Connection Properties Assign default map services
Validating the Geodatabase Configuration Configure System Settings
Validating Against Geodatabase What occurs when opening a Lucity record for editing
Default Fields Setup What occurs when saving a Lucity record after editing
Setting up Default Fields Lucity GIS- Scheduled Tasks
Update Geodatabase Value Assign default map services
Update Show in Map Flag Creating a new Scheduled Task
ArcMap Copying a Scheduled Task
MXD Specific Settings Validate a Scheduled Task
User Specific Settings Manually Run a Scheduled Task
Symbology Defaults  


Older Versions

ACT 2014 - Download PDF, Slides

ACT 2013Download PDF

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