GUIDE: GIS Editing Tools for ArcGIS Desktop

Jonathan Semones -

Lucity GIS contains an editor extension that tracks edits made to the Lucity GIS geodatabase and ensures that those edits are synchronized with the Lucity™ databases.

ACT 2017 - Download PDF


Lucity GIS Editor Toolbar Splitting Storm Conduits
Editing Your Geodatabase Renumber a Storm Structure
Saving Edits to Geodatabase Water Editing Tools
Lucity Edit Session Status Splitting Water Pipes
Editing Behind the Scenes Merge Water Pipes
Business Rules for Editing Water Renumber
Clear Lucity Edit Cache Street Editing Tools
Lucity Data Loader Splitting Street Segments
Update Spatial Relationships Merging Street Segments
Force Features to Synchronize with the Desktop Application Renumber a Street Feature
Deleting Features from the Map Splitting Street Subsegments
Disable Lucity Editor Merging Street Subsegments
Settings Defining Supersegments
Sewer Editing Tools Dissolving Supersegments
Merging Sewer Pipes Generate Supersegment Feature
Splitting Sewer Pipes Alias Import
Renumber a Sewer Structure Direct Spatial Updates tool
Storm Editing Tools To Setup a Direct Spatial Relationship
Merging Storm Conduits  


Older Versions

ACT 2016 - Download PDF

ACT 2015 - Download PDF

ACT 2014 - Download PDF

ACT 2013Download PDF


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