GUIDE: GIS Admin for Web and Mobile Maps

Jonathan Semones -

In this session, we’ll cover the tools necessary to properly configure Lucity version 2017 to work with your GIS environment. We’ll give you information about the configuration and settings necessary to run the Lucity web and mobile maps.

ACT 2017 - Download PDF


Introduction Logic for determining which web map will open for a user
Lucity Administration Tool Assign a user to a default group
GIS Map Services Assign permission to a default group
Redlining Services ArcMap
Editable Services Lucity Alias Import
Testing Service Connection Create Base Map Thumbnails
GIS Map Setup Troubleshooting Techniques
Assign Maps to Groups Clear Lucity caches
Logic for determining which web map will open for a user Clear Browser cache
Create/Edit Map Templates Clear Local Application Storage
System Settings Check Lucity Web Map Log
GIS Routing Tab Error log
GIS Web Tab Feature Layer Details
Lucity Security Program  


Older Versions

ACT 2016 - Download PDF

ACT 2015 - Download PDF

ACT 2014 - Download PDF

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