GUIDE: ArcGIS Enterprise Administration

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This section explores the nature of ArcGIS Enterprise v10.6.1, touches on key principles and techniques, as well as explores best practices for integration into Lucity. We will cover some key administration best practices for design, setup, maintenance, and optional editing workflow. Even though we won’t be covering the full gamut of ESRI technologies, we will be focused on the administration of ArcGIS Enterprise, how this relates to the IT and GIS administrators and what are some basic principles for enabling ArcGIS Enterprise to be compatible with Lucity.  

ACT 2018 - Download 10.6.1 Part 1, Download 10.6.1 Part 2Download 10.6.1 Part 3

                 System Design Examples : 30 User system design | 60 User system design


Part 1

Setup ArcGIS for Server Design
ArcGIS for Server Setup Connect to ArcGIS For Server from ArcCatalog
Installing and Configuring ArcGIS for Server Web Adapter SQL Server Specifications
SQL Instance Setup SQL Server Setup Recommendations
Install ODBC drivers Create Enterprise Geodatabase (formerly ArcSDE)
Registering the Geodatabase in ArcGIS Server Publishing and Configuring Map Services
Unlock Schema Enabling the Geometry Service
Enabling the Printing Tools (Geoprocessing Service) Creating a Geocoding Service
Securing a GIS Service How to Create a Feature Service
Redlining Publishing a Feature Service
Publishing an Offline Feature Service  

Part 2

Maintenance Geodatabase Administration Tools
Create Role Create Role within ArcCatalog
Create Active Directory Groups for the Enterprise Geodatabase Change/Add Privileges
Analyze and Index Compression
Spatial Indexes Attribute Indexes
Tune SQL Server space for Geodatabases Enterprise Geodatabase Backups
Security Scan Report Backups
Enterprise Geodatabase Backups Example Script for After Full Backup
Backup ArcGIS Server Site Restore ArcGIS Server Site
Automate Replica Synchronization using Python Options
Versioning What are A and D tables?
When does versioning make sense? How to create a version
replica Apply schema changes to a replica

Part 3

Portal for ArcGIS Portal for ArcGIS Design
Pre-deployment considerations Portal for ArcGIS Installation
Portal for ArcGIS Web Adaptor Adding SSL to Portal Backend
Portal for ArcGIS HTTPS Only Federating Portal for ArcGIS
Add Data Store to ArcGIS Server Federate Configuration Settings
Working with Portal Publishing to Portal
Publish Features Services Using the Enterprise Geodatabase Publish Map to Portal using ArcGIS Pro
Backup ArcGIS Enterprise Federated Restore ArcGIS Enterprise Federated
Portal for ArcGIS Windows Authentication Identity Stores using SAML 2.0
Portal using ADFS 4.0 Portal using OneLogin
Registering Portal in Lucity.  


Older Versions

ACT 2017 - Download 10.5.1 Part 1, Download 10.5.1 Part 2Download 10.5.1 Part 3

ACT 2016 - Download 10.4.1 Part 1, Download 10.4.1 Part 2

ACT 2015 - Download 10.3.1 Part 1, Download 10.3.1 Part 2

ACT 2014 - Download Part 1, Download Part 2

ACT 2013Download PDF


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