Finding Data - Advanced Filters GUIDE:

Jonathan Semones -

In this workbook we will discuss the intricacies of creating advanced filters and queries. We will demonstrate the different types of queries and how to retrieve the data that you need. We will also discuss creating filters for the dashboard and how this differs with creating filters in the desktop. Examples will be provided to aid you in creating your own filters in the dashboard and the desktop.

Download PDF, Samples - SQL for Lucity Examples


Advanced Filters in the Desktop Special Keywords
Defining Relationships Additional Information
Properly Formed Queries Special Filters for the Dashboard
Creating Filters using “or” Acquiring Filters
String Values Restrictions
Boolean Fields Advanced Filters: Web vs. Desktop
Date Fields Web Application Filter Examples:
Querying for Null and Non-Null Values Desktop Application Filter Examples:
Wildcards in Filters Default Joins
Advanced Filters and Crystal Reports Filtering on Child Records
Conversion Convention Examples More Filter Practice



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