GUIDE: Intermediate Crystal

Jonathan Semones -

The third of a seven-part series, this workbook is designed for Crystal Reports® users with some experience. By now you have many of the skills needed to modify existing reports. The main advantage to modifying existing reports is that the general format is already defined. This format helps create a uniform look and feel or your reports. It also helps save you the time it takes to set up the initial aspects of your reports. These include items such as page numbers, date fields, title placement, logos, lines, size, spacing, and boldness, just to name a few.

ACT 2018 - Download PDF 1 | Download PDF 2


Book 1 - Topics

Creating Reports Template
Report Wizard Blank Report
Bring in Tables Bring in Tables
Bring in Fields Link Tables
Field Grouping Special Fields
Summaries Conditional Formatting
Group Sorting Blank lines
Chart Addition Mailing Labels
Record Selection  

Book 2 - Topics

Subreports Adding Fields to the Subreport
Accessing Subreports Copying a Subreport
Inserting a Work Order Locations Subreport Grid Data with Associated Data
Finding Tables and Fields Date Parameters to a Subreport
Inserting the Subreport Adding a General Comments Section
Formatting the Subreport Creating a Subreport From Scratch
Subreport Links Creating a Subreport with the Report Wizard
Adding a Comments Section to Work Orders and Requests and Dated Comments for Inventory


Book 1 - Older Versions

ACT 2017 - Download PDF

ACT 2016 - Download PDF

ACT 2015 - Download PDF

ACT 2014 - Download PDF

ACT 2013Download PDF


Book 2 - Older Versions

ACT 2017 - Download PDF

ACT 2015 - Download PDF

ACT 2014 - Download PDF

ACT 2013Download PD

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