VIDEO: Overview of GIS Manager Tools

Andrea Fowles -

This is part 4 of our 4-part series on the Lucity GIS Tools.  This video is presented by Eric Daniel, GIS Applications Developer for Lucity (  In this video, he goes over the high-level GIS Manager tools available in ArcCatalog.  These tools have some administrative functions, but mainly are used for integrating and maintaining the link between your GIS system and Lucity data.  Additional information about these tools can be found in our help guide:


QA/QC checks against feature classes Add feature class (assets or inspections)
QA/QC results Import feature class from schema (Lucity or Esri geodatabase schemas)
Update show in map flag Deleting feature class configuration
Update geodatabase values Validate workspace
Default fields setup for ArcMap Validations for feature classes; against Lucity config, against geodatabase config, and services
Show in map configuration tool for ArcMap Domain configuration tool, updating domains from GIS or from Lucity
Feature class configurations in a geodatabase Modify feature class schema
Field mapping to a feature class Import feature class alias names
Color coding system Set "Update length/area" flag to true
Spatial relationships for feature classes Update feature class services - geodatabase or feature class (new to 2014r2)
Number generator (aka Autonumber) setup Assigning multiple feature classes to feature service
Changing format of autonumbers  


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