File Geodatabase Troubleshooting

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The below troubleshooting techniques are items we have experienced in various customer sites and can help narrow causes of connection disruption to file geodatabases when syncing from GIS to Lucity.  Sometimes our application will show an error in loading data if the network share connection to the file geodatabase is not setup properly.  If workspace or data source is giving errors, below are troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues.  We’ve tried to add all of the possibilities that could affect this type of error.  Sometimes, you can try step 8 or 9 after step 3 to identify if it is a network cabling issue and may save time. 

 Techniques in Resolving issue:

  1. File Geodatabase Corruption 10.1 only
  2. Network Patch 10.1 only
  3. Check security parameters on share for users trying to access the file geodatabase
  4. Is your file geodatabase folder share on a different switch?
  5. Are you running 10/100mbit anywhere from share to workstation to server?
  6. Consider location of switches and connections, do you have CAT 5 non-insulated.  We’ve experienced issues with server to shop issues when running CAT 5.  I would recommend CAT 6 Insulated or higher. Most people run conduits for these lines so switching out cabling should be straight forward.
  7. Check switch integrity.
  8. If all of the above doesn’t work, try locating file geodatabase on your local workstation and load data.
  9. If step 8 doesn’t work, try loading ArcGIS for Desktop on a machine or VM within the same switch of the servers and locate the file geodatabase on that machine.  Load Lucity Desktop afterwards and try using the tools to load.  If that works, then you know there is an issue from the server farm to the outside connections.
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