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Software Support and Technical Assistance

The information below outlines the support levels currently offered for current and historical releases of Lucity software. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Information on supported GIS versions

 Support Policy (as defined below) 


Release Date






2019r3 12/6/2019 9/6/2020     This release will not have a service pack
2019r2 8/22/2019 2/22/21      
2019 3/25/2019 9/25/20      
2018r2 8/17/2018 2/17/20      
2018 2/15/2018   8/15/22     
2017r2 8/16/2017   8/16/21    
2017 2/21/2017   2/21/21    
2016r2 8/12/2016   8/12/20    
2016 3/7/2016   3/7/20    
2015r2 8/19/2015     8/19/21  
2015 2/10/2015     2/10/21  
2014r2 8/12/2014     8/12/20  
2014 2/13/2014     2/13/20  
7.60 9/4/2013        
7.50 2/14/2013        
7.40 8/15/2012          
7.30 12/22/2011        
7.20 6/20/2011        
7.10 12/15/2010        
7.00 9/9/2009        
6.75 11/17/2008        
6.74 10/18/2007        
6.73 10/19/2006        
6.72 6/1/2006        
6.71 May 2005        
6.70 June 2004       GBA GIS Master for ArcView 3.x is retired

*Maintenance and Limited dates above indicate the day the product will be moved to the new support level.


Support Policy


Active Support

This is the most complete level of support.

This level provides:
 Service Packs
 Patches for most issues
 Full phone and internet support

This level may also include:
 Limited enhancements in service packs

Maintenance Support

This is the second phase, following Active Support.

This level provides:
 Patches for critical issues involving data loss
 Patches for issues affecting normal workflow that have no normal workaround 
 Full phone and internet support

Please note:
 No enhancements or minor bugs are patched 

Limited Support

This is the third support phase, following Maintenance Support.

This level provides:
 Full phone and internet support, however, due to the age of the release, issues may not be resolvable

Please note:
 No patches are provided for these releases 


This is the final product phase.
 No patches are provided for these releases
 Phone and internet support are not provided for these releases

 Assistance in upgrading to a newer version

Please note: 
Clients subscribed to our Annual Support & Maintenance program may still receive free upgrades to the current software version.  


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